Friday, April 19, 2013

Meet Our Latest Sponsor

We would love for you to get to know a little bit about our latest sponsor Sue from Crochet Addict UK

I started to crochet in Feb 2011 and ever since I’ve been a crochet addict!  I don’t just share my crocheting on my blog, I’m a warts and all blogger that shares my life, loves, family, reading and giveaways.  I also try to promote handmade products and pick a theme for each week. Every Sunday I put together a collection of giveaways I found for people to enter and also host my own giveaways.

I have a six year old son (that I call Little Red) who is my main inspiration. I love to design themed hats and love to make people smile.

I hope you’ll come and share my journey!

She is offering a month of  free ad space on her blog – 

With Love from LBD,



  1. i am always envious of people who can crochet and knit...such a talent!

  2. wow beautiful my dear!!!:)

  3. wow beautiful my dear!!!:)


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