Saturday, April 27, 2013

How To: Iron Pesky Linen

Growing up, Miss East Coast and I had the privilege of growing up with a tailor for a grandfather. Many Halloween costumes and hemlines can be accredited to our Grandpa Joe. I can remember hanging out in his shop, watching him work while sifting through his collection of countless buttons. The one thing that caught my attention was the way in which he ironed. He would always place a white towel inbetween the garment and the iron. I don't recall if I had ever raised the question of why he ironed in such a manner, but I get it now! I don't often iron, but when I do, I practice the Grandpa Joe Ironing Method to ensure my clothes stay in tip top shape.  I also test the iron on the ironing  board before even touching the towel to make sure the iron is clean.

In my outfit post from Thursday, I wore a white linen sundress that required much ironing! Darn Linen. After seeing how quickly linen wrinkles I wonder why I even bothered with the ironing in the first place. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?

Tip: Put your iron setting on Linen and if the wrinkles are not smoothing out with ease, dampen the white towel.

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  1. I know well what you are talking about and it bothers me too so much!!


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