Thursday, April 25, 2013

DIY Hair Inspiration: Rachel Zoe's Glam Boho Look

Rachel Zoe- The Boho Glam Girl

STEP 1: Start with a softened beach wave hair look.  I obtain this look by finger-combing my hair after the shower and letting it air dry.  I DO NOT brush it, otherwise it would be frizz city!

I did this DIY with 2nd day clean hair so I took out my TRESemme dry shampoo just it case.  
(Hair spray, bobby pins, teasing brush are the items you will definitely need)

STEP 2: Create a center part and a few inches behind it, lift the hair perpendicular in a line and tease at root.  Spray with hairspray the area that was just teased at root and upward 6" (depending upon hair length of course).  I have longer, heavier hair so I need to tease in multiple small sections and hairspray LOTS to create volume.

STEP 3:  With light fingers, run them upward and outward.

STEP 4: Grab a section of hair at the desired thickness for the twist on one side of your part and begin twisting counterclockwise until the twist reaches your ends.

STEP 5:  Bobby pin the twist on the side of your head but closer to the back so you showcase as much of the twist as possible.  Hide the bobby pin by gently repeating  STEP 3.

STEP 6: Voila!  Later today see what "Look of the Day" accompanied this Boho hair look.

With Love & Sunshine,



  1. Well done! I wish I was able to make the same with mine! xo

  2. love this look! i always love my hair when it is air dried too - it has a little bit of a wave but isn't frizzy. i just hate that it gets a bit flat, so i'll have to use your teasing tips!
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