Monday, April 15, 2013

CC Cream To The Rescue

I have been searching for a BB Cream that works for me.  With summer approaching, I do not want to wear a foundation but, I do need something to even out my skin tone.  I have tried a few BB Creams ranging from 9.00-25.00.  They were OK.  I felt like if I could have combined a feature from each, I would have the perfect product!

While walking out of Macy's, I swung by the Clinique counter (I use a lot of their products) and their CC Cream caught my eye.  I have their BB Cream and while I liked it, I feel like it will be a little too 'heavy' for the summer.  Living in the South now, April = 70s and 80s.   The sales lady informed me that the CC Cream was part of their moisture surge line; it was lightweight, provided coverage and stayed on.  I also noticed it was SPF 30 which was a huge selling point for I bought it.


1.  It is light weight.
2. Blended well with my skin.  I went with a shade a tad darker; with the sun here (and being Italian) my skin tans easily.
3.  It provided the right amount of coverage.  My skin looked even and smooth, without looking like it was ' caked on'.
4. It does stay on!! It survived a day of 80 degrees at an amusement park.

1.  Honestly at this point I do not have one.  If I did have one thing I could change, it would be the price.  It is priced at $35.00 but, since I do not need to wear foundation and I am pleased with the product I couldn't complain.

With Love From the East Coast,


  1. I've been eyeing the Clinique CC cream since I first saw it advertised. I'm glad to hear you like it, I will definitely be checking it out!

    1. yes i am really impressed. I was hesitant because of the price but I am so glad i grabbed it! I feel like I am always overheating and adding this southern heat I felt like my makeup was just melting off. This didn't.

  2. I'm really curious about it, definitely to try! Kisses! xo

  3. i'm not a fan of bb creams, but maybe i'll try a cc one...this sounds great!

  4. Definitely sounds like a good option. x

  5. Oh may consider trying this. You know I'm a fan of anything with SPF in it.


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