Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We Need Your Help!

I am very excited (in a completely selfish way) to announce that Ms. Socal and her family will be moving to the East Coast!!  To be more specific, Florida!  Eight years ago when she moved to Cali, I was sad but embraced the fact that I had a great vacation spot!  Then she went ahead and started having kids (the nerve of her right?!) and my heart broke a little.  I missed touching her belly when she was pregnant or seeing my beautiful nephew and niece born. But thanks to technology, (Skype then FaceTime) I was able to be there 'virtually' for some great moments!

OK, OK enough time down memory lane, here is where we need your help.   We very well can't call her Ms. SoCal anymore, and well...I refuse to give up the sign off, Ms. East Coast  LOL.  So we need to rename her!

We thought, let us have some fun with it!  We will leave it open all week (until March 10th) and then narrow it down to the top 2 name and let you guys vote.

  • Just leave a comment with your suggested name along with your email.  Multiple entries are OK.

The person whose 'name' wins,  will also win these earrings from Lotus Blossom Design.

Here are a few fact about Ms. SoCal.

1) Her 'real' name is Bianca
2) She was born in CT, moved to NY by 5 then to CA in her 20's and she will soon be a Floridian!
3)  Her two kids are her #1 priority but she will not leave the house in sweats, not even to the park.  NEVER EVER.
4) Her Looks Of The Days are truly outfits she wears, whether it is to drop her son off a pre-school or running to the Market.

Let the 'Naming' Begin!

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  1. G, I'm totally excited too!!!! It's ok if we're selfish right? Anyway, Ms. So Flo, lol, or something like Little Ms. Sunshine! ha! Sorry B! Love you all and can't wait to visit!


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