Monday, March 18, 2013

Smart & Sexy Giveaway!

I was so excited when Smart & Sexy reached out to us.  I have been on the hunt for some comfortable Shapewear.   I am adding this disclaminer now~  I received 4 items from Smart & Sexy to give an honest review of.  I received Illustrious Lace Unlined Underwire Bra, Cheeky Boyleg, Thigh Slimming Bike Shorts and Lace Trimmed Cami.

From the minute I opened the package and touched the Shapewear I was in LOVE!    Let's start with the Lace Trimmed Cami - Illusion. The first thing I noticed was the material.  In being completely honest, based off the price, I was not expecting the quality that I received.  When we talked about dressing for busty women, a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I owned a million Cami's.  They range, in price, from ‘did I seriously just pay that for a Cami’ to ‘this will do for now’.    Here are the reasons why this Lace Trimmed Cami - Illusion priced at $12.00 will become part of my Cami collection verses these high priced Cami's I own.

  • I loved that it was ‘bra friendly’ (meaning I can wear my bra under it comfortably).
  • It did not ride up or roll up; which to me is huge.  Nothing is more uncomfortable then when your Shapewear rolls up.
  • The 'straps' are thick with lace detail so my bra strap never shows.  If you do see the lace detail through my shirt it only adds a pretty feature.
  • I was also a huge fan of the fact that it didn't 'squish' my chest.  Sometimes Shapewear gives off the appearance that you are wearing a sports bra; this one does not do that.
  • Overall, it created a smooth look from the front to the back.

  I will be ordering more of these and would recommend this Cami in a heartbeat.

The Thigh Slimming Bike Shorts (High Waist), priced at $11.00 were also a hit to me.   They are made from the same material as the Cami, so the features were the same.  I was also impressed that you really could not see my panty lines or the line near your knee where the shorts ended.   Again, it created that overall smooth look that you expect.  Both the Cami and the Slimming Bike Shorts ran true to size.  Tomorrow I will talk about the Illustrious Lace Unlined Underwire Bra, and the Cheeky Boyleg.

The second reason I was so excited, that I truly loved these products, was because Smart & Sexy is offering a giveaway along with Free Shipping on any orders (for the next 30 days)!!!

Enter below to win $50 prize pack from Smart & Sexy.  Smart & Sexy will send the winner a prize pack of items valued at $50.00! 
 In the meantime, you can still shop and enjoy free shipping with this code: SAS&LB.

With Love From the East Coast,


  1. Is this a new blog design? It's awesome! Love the wide open spaces.

    Ah. I need this. After baby no. 2, things shifted, in a bad way.

    1. hi! yes we wanted to separate and highlight our sponsors on one side. I honestly LOVE the cami i just ordered one for my mom! xo

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