Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Modesty, All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

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Yes it is still winter unfortunately, and covering up just becomes the norm for obvious reasons. I have always loved modest fashion though...seriously! Some of the most beautiful elegant women dressed modestly. Can we say Jackie O? Grace Kelly? Audrey H? There is something so beautiful, so timeless, so genuine to how these women looked. Maybe it’s because they lived in a different time...a different world.   Where it wasn't really normal, or "sexy" to show off every part of her body. The emphasis was the clothes, not the skin.
I think we often forget that these days. Such amazing fabric out there, cut too short. Remember elegance and beauty is how you feel, and how you wear what you put on with confidence and passion.
I always say less is more, but i'll make an exception in this case ;)

Some Pics to prove my point...

After all, if Victoria can do it so can we.

XO Dahlia

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