Monday, March 4, 2013

Big Bust + T-Shirt = No Problem

While we have a list of guidelines for how to dress busty women from the who's who of the fashion world, we also need to take into account those that may or may not apply to everyone.   We are all built differently, so we need to take them for what they are...guidelines.   Now that we have added that disclaimer, let's talk about the ones that work for ME.

This week, I have created 'before and after pictures' to demonstrate what works and doesn't work for my body type and why.  I am only... just about 5'4'', medium built, and as you have seen from my looks of the day...blessed with a bigger bust!  I have learned over the years to embrace them and how to dress them.  I know Ms. SoCal wishes she had them, but they are not that easy to dress!

Let's talk about something as basic as a T-Shirt.  While Ms. SoCal can, for the most part, just throw one bigger chested women cannot.  Here are some guidelines:

1) We need to stick with  V-Neck, Scoop-Neck, or Square Necks shirts.   The reason why, by showing some skin, we are opening up the area between our neck and chest.  A V-Neck tends to give the illusion that our bust is smaller.  (Now let me clarify I am not trying to change what God gave me; I am trying to look the best I can).  We also need to be careful and avoid 'popping out' or showing the inappropriate amount of cleaving.  Like Stacy & Clinton mentioned in that video earlier this morning, I do own way too many camis and tanks to wear under my shirts.

2) We need to be careful on where we are drawing attention to.  As shown in the first picture below (Wrong Kind Of T-Shirt), I am drawing your attention to this large flower on my chest.  However, in the following picture (Right Kind Of T-Shirt), you see I am drawing your attention away with bigger earrings and some arm candy.  A large chunky necklace works; nevertheless, do not wear it too long where you lose it in your chest -- it will defeat the purpose of drawing the eye up.


3) The Fit.  You do not want your shirts to be too baggy or sloppy -- giving the illusion that you are bigger than you are. Additionally, you also do not want your shirts too tight -- they will pull at the bust line drawing all the focus to that area.  You need to find one that defines your waist and fits just right.

4) Sleeve Length.   Don’t end your sleeves at your mid-bust point; end sleeves above or below this point.

Right Kind Of T-Shirt For Busty Women

With Love From the East Coast, 


  1. I think your tips are just perfect, love the idea of this post! The outfit with the "right" tee is also so cool!:) Kisses and have a great week girls!:*

  2. Hey! Thanks for the sweet words on my blog. I tried to reply back, but I see that you're a no-reply blogger. If you follow the steps in this link, you'll be able to receive replies from others:


    PS: this is great advice - I often have that trouble!

  3. great tips! i am bigger on top chest wise and shoulders-wise so i'm always careful to keep everything balanced better.


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