Monday, February 11, 2013

Make Up Fix

I have had a crazy week with 2 sick kids and then that darn cold finally got me!  Friday was the 2nd time in 4.5 years that I had to ask Jeff if he could come home early.  I was a sorry sight on the couch with a fever and chills.  Come Sunday, I was feeling a little better and there's nothing like remembering Prabal Gurung's collaboration with Target to get a sick gal out of her pajamas.   

I rarely make any Target trips solo, but after the week I had, I was out!  However, after I saw my outfit post pics I realized how tired I looked.  This Target trip would not only be to check out Prabal Gurung's collection but to leisurely browse the makeup isles for some eye SOS!  If I'm brave enough to show you my tired eyes up close I may show you some Before & After pictures.  

Look at the trouble one can get into when the kids aren't clanking the nail polishes off the shelves!   

My Look of the Day will come later today...don't judge, I was tired!

From left to right: Sally Hansen's nail art pen in white, L'oreal lip liner (my lack of upper lip dip needs all the help it can get), Almay "Raisin" eyeliner (for green eyes, lil different from my black), L'oreal "Cardinal Plume" Lipstick, L'oreal Magic Perfecting Base, L'oreal "Fiery Veil" Lipstick (I regretted not purchasing it over the summer and I haven't found it until today!), Almay Wake up (need to check out some tutorials on the proper way to highlight), L'oreal Magic Lumi, Sally Hansen "Red My Lips" Nail Polish

With Love from SoCal,



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