Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lather Bar

Remember our friend and 'I have to try that product' Kelsey?  No? Well, you can read more from her here, here and here.  She found a new product she loves and wanted to share it with you. Check out her article below.

It is embarrassing, yes, but it’s true. I suffer from back of the arm chicken bumps. Luckily I’m not alone with around 50% of the entire world sharing this same skin condition. The lesser known more technical term is Keratosis Pilaris, sometimes referred to as “KP”. Still not sure what I’m talking about check out this article on the Dr. Oz website. Though many people share my same misfortune, which seems to be especially common during the winter months (thank goodness I live in the northeast and wear long sleeves) more recently there has been proven treatments that seem to be quite effective at eliminating these unsightly little red bumps. However, most of them tend to be chemicals that I try to avoid putting on my already sensitive skin.

As I've mentioned before in my post about beauty favorites, I cannot help myself from trying everything on the market, perhaps I forgot to mention this includes online as well. Having settled on Africa Imports- Liquid Black soap Body Wash that I usually purchase from my local fresh beauty market I was very happy with my arms. This is known to take care of those little bumps, while lacking harsh chemicals and smelling amazing. For the most part, my arms looked pretty good a few bumps here and there but nothing to panic about. This was until I found LatherBar’s Loofah bar.


The loofah bar has changed my life! Not to mention made my skin silky smooth! I mean what a great concept a loofah inside of a bar of soap? Made of goat’s milk and olive oil, it smells amazing and the best part is it feels amazing in the shower! When I first saw them I thought they would make a really nice unique Christmas or Birthday presents and just to make sure I ordered one for myself. Fast forward a few days and I have already ordered 3 more. While this one is undoubtedly my favorite seeing as I had such a wonderful experience with my loofah bar from Lather Bar,  and her prices are very reasonable...I ordered a few extras to try! I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted about my favorites as I try them out!

You can also find the Lather Bar on Facebook, click here to follow for the latest updates!

Here are a few pictures of the other awesome soaps from Lather Bar





With Love Kelsey,


  1. Wow, those soups look awesome!!§

    Wish you a great day!

  2. These soaps are really so nice and for sure very good! Is like I can smell them! Kisses girls, happy sunday! xo


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