Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hair Bow

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I love everything bows. 
I thought this was such a cute idea when I first saw it 
& just had to recreate it! Here is my tutorial on how to 
create a bow with your own hair.. 
...and it only takes minutes!

1. Start with hair down. Dirty hair works better but does
not really matter. 
2. Gather hair to the top of your hair & tie as if you
were creating a ponytail. Instead of pulling hair through,
stop halfway so your loose ends are hanging off the
3. Separate the little bun you created in half.
(Step 3 continued)

4. Grab loose ends hanging off the front of your
head and prepare to pull back.

5. Pull ends back and secure with bobby pins.
If hair is extra long like mine, I usually wrap
the loose ends around the base of the ponytail
if there is any excess. Shorter hair may not have
to do this.
A cute lil' bow =)


  1. Damn, you got great hair!!

  2. Aww so cute! I'd love to try it out! Thanks for sharing girls!:*

  3. you look so pretty! i love the bow on your head hihi:)
    lots of love xx

  4. That is super cute. I have been adoring this hair style for a while but had no idea how it was accomplished. I will be trying it this weekend.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  5. this is so cute! my hair probably isn't quite long enough right now, but i'm working on growing it out.
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