Sunday, December 23, 2012

Winter Travel Must-Haves

Whether you're traveling to the beach, the snowy mountains or somewhere in between, here are my Winter Travel Must-Haves

Winter Travel Must- Haves

Winter Travel Must- Haves by lotusblossomdesign featuring yes to carrots

1. Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Overnight Revitalizing Hand Treatment.  This item runs about $15.  You can find it anywhere from Target to online.  My mom turned me onto this product; we both love how it keeps your skin looking refreshed and hydrated. 

2. Bumble And Bumble Brown Hair Powder. This item runs about $19 for a 1 oz bottle.  I purchase it from Sephora.  I love that it not only works as a dry shampoo but it also adds a tint of color.  This is great for traveling when you may not have access to all of your normal hair amenities. 

3. Your Favorite Scarf.  Pick a colorful one and add a pop of color to your wardrobe.  Thankfully, Pinterest shows you all the wonderful things you can do with a here and here for some great ideas.

4. Yes To Cucumbers On The Go Essentials Kit. This item runs about $13.00.  You can find it a your local Target or drug store.  We found it at our favorite store, ASOS.   I use the makeup remover wipes on a daily bases and LOVE them.  I also find that their On The Go Essentials work great when I am traveling along with my regular beauty routine, or as a substitute for a few days.

5. Lip Stick.  Don't forget your favorite lip stick.  Adding that pop of color to your lips not only brightens up your face, but can also help you take your look from day to night.  I love my Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm collection.

6. Vitamins.  Don't forget to pack your daily vitamins while traveling.  We all know traveling takes a toll on our immune system, so try to stay ahead of the game.  I love my One A Day Vitamins with Immunity Booster. 

7. Nail Polish.  Whether you are getting a manicure or have opted to do your own, don't forget to pick a color you that you can touch it up while traveling. 

8. Calming Tea.  I always like to pack a few tea bags of my favorite relaxing tea.  Sometimes it is hard to fall asleep when you are not in your own bed.  We all need a good nights sleep.

9. Aqua Eye Mask. This item runs about $5.00-$10.00  You can purchase it from your local drug store or The Body Shop.  I use it to help avoid puffy eyes caused by lack of sleep or jet lag.

10.  Coco Butter Lip Balm. This item runs about $3.00.  You can purchase it at your local drug store (but I always have luck at Walmart).   I usually have 3 on hand at all times, one in my pocketbook, one on my desk, and one in the bathroom.

Share with us your Winter Travel Must Haves.  We love hearing from you.

With Love From the East Coast,

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I need to get the n.5, thee Chubby lipstick!:*


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