Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sock It To Me

So let’s face it, most of us don’t have hair like the models in the pictures below (although it would be nice!). But that doesn't mean that the Sock Bun won’t look great on you! Having trouble? Here are a few tips and tricks I've found helpful:

1. Hair that has not been freshly washed seems to work best
2. If you have short hair and pieces start to stick out a simple bobby pin that matches the color of your hair will do the trick, also try using a smaller sock.
3. Use a sock that is similar in color to your hair (just in case a little peeks through) this is especially helpful if you have fine/thin hair
4. If  some of the sock does happen to peek through before you take the whole bun out and start over try moving pieces around spreading your hair out nearby and bobby pinning/hair spraying to cover the exposed area, its much quicker!

With Love From Kelsey,

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  1. I just love this hairstyle! Should make mine too with a pair of old tights!:) Kisses!:*


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