Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Get It From My Mama

When shopping, my mom always told us that if we ever "found something we love, it fits right and is well made....grab two!"   I don't know about you, but I don't know how many times I went back for something and it was gone or sold out.  Well...in my mid 30's I finally decided to listen.

While you all know I am fan of big face watches, I am not always a fan of the fake bling on the watches.  I guess there is a first for everything because, I just fell in love with the Gossip Multi-Function Boyfriend watch with crystal bezel from QVC.   I grabbed the goldtone/rose first, fell in love and then grabbed the gunmetal.   My favorite part is the price! Retail Value: $65.00; QVC Featured Price: $38.46.

They are both perfect for an everyday watch. 

With Love From the East Coast,


  1. that's one smart mama! i love both watches...great buy!

  2. WOw they both are amazing!especially the first one!

  3. I've never heard the "grab two!" advice--but I can definitely see situations where I probably should have bought two of something I fell in love with!

  4. cute!

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