Thursday, November 8, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks to Chic with the Least  for nominating us for this Lovely Blog Award.

The Rules:
Paste the award onto your blog
Share 7 facts about yourselves
Nominate some other blogs
Post a comment on these blogs letting them know you nominate them

7 Facts:

Ms. SoCal
1) My diet consists of mainly protein and sweets.
2) I prefer being barefoot just as much as I like my sky-high heels. 
3) I tense up when I drive by a police car, like I committed a crime. I think it stems from getting my first ticket when I was just 16. It was yellow I swear!
Ms. East Coast
4) When I get excited about an idea I tend to use my “outside” voice when talking about it
5) I love Kung Fu movies… any Shaw Brothers movie will do
6) I believe I was some sort of secret agent in my previous life

7)  We both miss our NY family and friends. 

We nominate:
Candy and Style
two birds
Beauty and Fashion in Seattle - Girlie Blog Seattle
Duygu Senyurek

With Love From LBD,


  1. Girls, you are the best! thanks a bunch, it made me too honoured and pleased to get it from you! Congrats also to you both! lol I love Kung Fu movies too and sweets!^^ Big hug!:*

  2. We're really happy to have given you this award! :)


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