Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashionable Playdate

Last week the kids and I joined a few friends for a playdate at a local gymnastics facility that had open gym time. I had to take a picture of El looking oh so fabulous and only 4 months post baby! This isn't an official LOTD because the only designer details I know about are those sandals!!!! The truth is I've seen cute studded ones but at a price tag that I'd rather not spend on flats. I'm usually in wedges or heels, so for both comfort and style I don't mind spending the dough.
So back to El's sandals...she immediately corrected me when I had mistaken them for Sam Edelman's. She said that they were Simply Vera Wang from Kohl's! OH and they were now on clearance!!! I may have gone to Kohl's later that day...but to my dismay no dice. I was so bummed that I forwarded a picture that El had taken of them to my mom and sister so they could check their Kohl stores.  That's right, I was on the lookout for them on both coasts!
El found them for me at a Kohl's store by her mother's house.  YAY!!!! Thanks El!
How cute does El look?!!! I can't wait to talk about her necklace next...

With Love from SoCal,



  1. Very nice pics!!!!

  2. you are right, she looks very nice!:*


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