Thursday, August 9, 2012

Look of the Day: Dress Hunt

As I said in a post earlier this week...I need to take some shopping cues from a thrifty shopper friend of mine Megan. She always finds the best deals and steals on those trendy items or those wear only once pieces. A few Saturdays ago we were on a bridesmaid dress hunt. I feel like more brides are a little less Bridezilla and a little more laid back these days. I think the more attention spent on making sure you're marrying the right person and that relationship. and a little less "everything must be perfect" attitude is the best way to enter into that union.
So this particular bride-to-be gave her bridesmaids swatches of the colors that she'd like them to find a dress in. Even better, they were all colors in the same family but different shades. So my girlfriend Megan was given a swatch that would look best with her tan complexion. This shade would definitely wash out those with a fair skin tone.
So, being the thrifty shopper that she is, she came prepared with a list of consignment shops upon picking me up. As soon as we pulled up to the first one I saw a dress that looked like the perfect peachy/nude shade of swatch she had been assigned to match. Oh and did I mention it was to be a Country Chic wedding so cowboy boots would be worn. Yeeeehah!

She liked everything except for the black satin straps. But at $10, there would be money left for some alterations by a tailor. She also would be able to accessorize with a belt if she was unable to remove the black faux drawstring. This was our first stop so Megan bought this steal because It could be worn to many other occasions if she fell in love with another at one of our next planned stops.

We didn't quite make it to all of the shops on her list...we got hungry! With Love from SoCal, XO


  1. LOL! I would of choose to eat over shopping myself ;) Sounds like a really nice Bride! Love the laid back feel to the wedding. 10 bucks is a steal for a bridesmaid dress!

    xo Marie


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