Sunday, August 26, 2012

Friendship Saturday & Sunday Morning Ingredients

Last night after I got both kids to bed at a record 8:30, Megan came over for some girl fun. She arrived with 3 movies to pick from,extra buttery popcorn and a bottle of wine in tow. Little did she know what I had waiting for her...a childhood pastime. While the kids and I were out and about on Saturday we stopped into TJ Maxx. Hudson of course wanted to look at the toy section and that's where I found the Friendship Bracelet kit. It was under $10 and contained an array of colors and these foreign design wheels that I had no idea what to do with.  
Heh?  It might have been the hour, or the wine, or being distracted by the movie but Megan and I just looked at these wheels and laughed.  Luckily,  we sort of remembered how to make them.  She started doing this twisty wrap method that I had never done before.  I made the traditional friendship bracelet method that took the entire movie to complete.  Well, almost complete (the incomplete section may be on the underside of her wrist).  It was not perfect, I'm out of practice!

Before making these last night, I have to be honest I thought that the Friendship Bracelets that are out there for sale were WAYYYY to I'm not so sure.

There are some mornings that I wake up and can't function until I have my morning cup of coffee.  You know the kind where both kids are up multiple times, your husband's been out of town for days and you couldn't fall asleep to begin with.  Well lucky for me and them, I had an usual amount of energy this Sunday morning.  The kids and I not only made Banana Bread but this Creamsicle recipe.  I substituted the regular yogurt with Goat's yogurt b/c my son has dairy allergies.  I also only made half the recipe FYI. 
You like my make-shift popsicle holders? 

As I was putting away the Banana Bread ingredients I remembered a Pin Gina had emailed me. It was an at-home DIY Microderm abrasion recipe. It was quick, easy and left my face feeling super smooth! I highly recommend trying this easy DIY. Don't cancel your facial, but it would be great in between appointments!

Enjoy what's left of your weekend and take some time out for yourself amongst all the chaos-even if it's just for a 2 minute mini facial at the kitchen sink.

With Love from SoCal,



  1. OOh, I love this post and especially the microderm tips at the end. Lauren looks so flawless in that pic. Your instagram photos are so fun too


  2. Oh my! this reminds me that I have a bunch of bananas in the freezer that NEED to be made into banana bread :) yummers! thanks for the reminder :)


  3. Great pics!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love it all!!

  5. Looks like you had a great night with a fab friend. Love it all!!


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