Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Best Friend's Wedding

Boston is still one of my favorite cities and revisiting it had my girlfriends and I questioning why we hadn't moved here after college. The architecture, the history and of course all of the wonderful friends that reside there is what makes it so appealing. Last Friday was such a special day for us. One of our closest friends Amanda was getting married and we just couldn't miss it. She looked breathtaking like always and the man she was marrying is just really a great guy. We love you two!

With Love from SoCal in Boston, XO


  1. Shame on me. I've never been to Boston. But will definitely visit some time.

    Wow! The bride is just gorgeous. What a fun wedding.

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  2. Oh, I have been to Boston once on a special trip to the Constitution....I loved what little I saw. The hubby and I said we must visit there...but I have a feeling he'll be stuck in the bars! -Jessica



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