Monday, May 7, 2012

The Mullet Wedding Dress

I remember when I saw my first mullet wedding was on Stephanie Seymour in Guns N' Roses' music video, "November Rain".  This Carmela Sutera dress was $8000 but I loved it and I wanted to get married in it.  Ok, so I was like 12 but I remember how breathtaking I thought she looked.  Now, I didn't call it a mullet dress back then...but I just love the word MULLET.  Party in the front, professional in the back; best of both worlds. 

With Love From SoCal,



  1. some of them are really beautiful but a wedding dress must be in classic style if you don't want to regret when you are looking at your photos after 20 years :D

  2. I don´t like it so much... ;)


  3. I happen to like this style of wedding dress! Also, I still need to mail the necklace back to you, and I am trying to work it so that I can fit your guest post into this week! x's and o's!-Jessica


  4. You should see my grinning face right now - so was I when I was 12! I loved the video and the dress! Meanwhile I guess my taste has totally changed! But those days it was just so new, inspiring, gorgeous!



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