Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion History 101

Every Friday we are going to have a little fashion history lesson.  If we want to be lovers of all things fashion we need to know where it started...lets talk Arrow Collars

The Detachable Shirt Collar

  • I actually worked in the Hedley Building where the idea of man's shirt having a detachable collar was invented in Troy, New York, in 1825.  It is now an office building, but they have kept the feel of an old factory.  Hannah Lord Montague came up with the idea as a way to keep a shirt looking fresh and crisp without daily laundering. Soon, several companies in the area began manufacturing the collars, including Maullin & Blanchard. Cluett Peabody & Company then acquired the company in 1885, and soon Arrow collars and cuffs were being widely distributed.

From Collars to Shirts

  • In the 1920s, men's styles began changing. A more casual look was becoming popular, and the preference for shirts with attached collars was growing. At first, Arrow collars could only be purchased with an Arow shirt. Eventualy, Arrow shirts with attached collars were being exported all over the world. Cluett, Peabody & Company became extremely successful. They continued to rely on the Arrow Collar Man to represent their products until 1930. By that time, the Arrow brand also included men's handkerchiefs, cravats, pajamas and underwear.

The Arrow Brand Today

  • Today Arrow remains a registered trademark of Cluett, Peabody & Co., Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation. According to PVH, "Today Arrow is an authentic American lifestyle brand with a broad assortment of men's, women's and children's apparel and apparel-related products. Sold in over 55 countries worldwide.", history of Arrow Shirt, images courtesy of google

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