Monday, April 9, 2012

Crisscrossed and Upside Down

Hold on because this week is going to be a little unorthodox, Ms. East Coast is coming to the West Coast and I am going the the East Coast.  My kids are going to turn her world upside down!  I will be enjoying some R&R in Florida (my husband's company is kind enough to mix a little work/play and wifees get to come with).  I am so lucky that the spouses are actually people I love being around.  I cannot wait to see what our posts look like though.  We promise to keep you entertained nonetheless!  Maybe some of the wives will let me snap some "Street Style" looks.

With Love From Ms. SoCal,


While Ms.SoCal is sitting in the sun relaxing (she is lucky I love her so much...well really I love my niece and nephew so much) I will be playing the role of the Greatest Auntie in the World.   She will be sipping on cocktails while we are sipping on sippy cups lol.  I am sure all my looks of the day will have a cup of coffee in hand.  While, I can't promise she won't come home to this (love this picture from I can promise the kids and I are going to have a blast! So enjoy your much needed rest Ms. Socal xo

We wanted to give you a quick update on Ms. West Coast.   I have been getting some questions on where she has been.   Ms. West Coast is taking a quick break to nest and get ready for her baby girl!  She will be making appearances periodically but once her bundle of joy is born and she is used to being sleep deprived she will be back posting away!  

With Love From the LBD Team,

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