Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NBC's Fashion Star

The concept of this show is new, smart and unheard of before airing last night.  You actually get the opportunity to purchase the designs that receive offers from either Macy's, Saks or H&M.  How genius?!  Us West Coasters can cheat a little by looking on their sites at 9pm PT.  Lucky us!  The only thing that's bummer about the three different buyers is the high end Saks buyer is going to have that high end price tag.  I wanted that mini zip off skirt but it's going for $350 at Saks. 
Here are a few looks that are available for purchase NOW!


These two gems are available at H&M and you could actually order them online!  I wish online shopping was available on H&M for all of their items.  I tried to order the teal dress but it was sold out, at $19.95 its a steal.  The back was so sexy and those front pockets!  Men be sure to check out that dapper blazer.

So lesson learned, I need to check out H&M, Macy's and Sak's right at 9pm PT so I don't miss out.

With Love From SoCal,


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