Monday, March 19, 2012

My New Citrus Finds

So my little vacation getaway is only a few weeks away and instead of buying all new clothing...why not accessorize what I already have?  We all have dresses that we've worn only once right? So recycle them but switch it up with new accessories.  One of my favorite stores to shop for those goodies is TJ Maxx.  I of course only buy those things that LBD can't make for me.  LBD is perfecting some sailor knot rope jewelry and I can't wait for Gina to share them with us!!!

I have been wishing upon a star for this Stella McCartney citrus pencil skirt from 2011.  But, for many obvious reasons it remains in the Wish List side of my brain. 

Check out these awesome finds I found at TJ Maxx this weekend:

Pretty close, right?  CollectionEighteen for only $14.99!
Donna Dixon Fabric & Bamboo clutches, $19.99

My bargain finds are just what I needed to get my mind off that beauty of a skirt.

With Love from SoCal,


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