Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vote Now! Help Me Pack For My Getaway

I need your help!  I have a gazillion bathing suits and I always bring way to many on vacation.  It's important to have one for each day and then one again for night time if we want to hit up the jacuzzi, right?  But I am trying to be better and not over pack.  Do I really need that many?  Probably help me decide! If I'm on vacation for 5 days I could probably settle for 3.  Here are the ones that I narrowed it down to already...pick your 3 favorites.

1.  VS Black Push-Up Bandeau top w/ Zebra Tie bottoms

2. VS Black Monokini
Something missing, you say? Insert VS Bandeau, we're not vacationing in Europe-wink, wink.

3. VS Black Push-Up Bandeau top w/ VS Leopard & Floral String bikini bottoms

4. Crochet Bikini by Maggie May
It's a must to try on your suits before you leave for vacation to make sure everything still fits and covers appropriately.  ie) This one requires some double stick tape.  Crochet bathing suits don't hug the body as well as a typical bathing suit. 

5. Light Green Sequin Monokini by Dineila
When I got this one in the mail, I tried it on and sent the picture to my mother and sister.  My mother's response was, "Where you going to wear that, the circus?", Gina replied to the picture with, "That's so you". 

6. Nautical Bikini
I cannot get enough of nautical clothing!

7. OndadeMar Red Riviera Monokini
Yes, this is the one from Monday's "Accessorizing your Bathing Suit" post.  Can you blame me for buying it?  I do need to have my tailor take about 2" off the center piece because I have a short torso.  Another reason to have a good tailor!

Thank you so much for your help in choosing which ones I should bring on vacation.  Pick your favorite 3!

With Love From SoCal,


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