Monday, February 6, 2012

Street Style & Mr. Newton

I am drawn to the pages of the magazines or sites that have everyday people caught in the street and photographed for their unique and fashionable style.  It's so inspiring to see how others pair colors that I wouldn't necessarily or accessorize with a  boatload of bracelets.  It's so easy to pick others apart for going outside the norm fashionwise.  As women, we are so critical of ourselves and tend to be of other women.  I know that the LBD trio are all self-conscious of our Look Of The Day feature.  We each know that we're not models and just everyday women with modest budgets.  But right before we schedule the blog post, we make the other ones check it out to assure each that we look ok.  I love the fact that we each have our own style and are still willing to take risks and put ourselves out there.  Overall it is fun, so dissect women, dissect!
Anyway, bringing it back to "Mr. Newton: Resident of New York, citizen of the world. Street style photography and reflections on city life".  He just may have been the one who snapped those womens' pictures in the "Street Style" section of your magazine. 

Thank you Mr. Newton for finding beauty off the runways and on the streets of the world.  These women encourage us to be ourselves and to always be camera-ready. 

With Love From SoCal,


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