Monday, February 20, 2012

Preppin' For The Plane

When I head over to the West Coast it is usually still winter here in NY, so trying to figure out what to wear for my long flight is always a challenge.  Usually when I step off the plane in Cali we are headed straight to the beach.  I find the best way to dress when going from a colder climate to a warmer one is to layer up. You can also turn your scarf into a turban headband but that is coming later this week!

Now let's talk about the Carry-On...A few of my travel staples are a good magazine, a book, my laptop, a bottle water(but you'll have to purchase after you go through security)-it's important to stay hydrated.  Gum is also a must not only to prevent my ears from popping but it's always smart to have nice smelling breath in closed spaces!  My lips need Sugar Honey with a tint and moisture mist to re-hydrate my skin.

Tomorrow we will talk about packing...

Airport Attire

STEFFEN SCHRAUT mesh cardigan
$87 -

T shirt
$27 -

Oasis sailor jeans
$95 -

Dorothy Perkins bow pumps
$29 -

Zip top tote
£25 -

$7.50 -

Knit shawl
$15 -

REN Tonic Moisture Mist, 50ml
£18 -

$8 -

NEW Wrigley s Mint Chocolate Chip Flavour Sugar Free Gum 15 Stick Pack
£1.50 -

With Love From the East Coast,



  1. Great look. I love those sailor pants and that wonderful jacket.

    I'm excited to read this series of posts. I always have the same issue going from Oregon to Vegas; I have to dress warm when I'm on the plane and shed layers when I get off.


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