Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pink, Pink, You Don't Stink

As you just read in Ms. SoCal's post, she was thrilled for Pink Week.  I, on the other hand, had an epiphany that I hardly own any pink!  Not unless you count my Pink undies and a few Pink t-shirts from Victoria's Secret.  Can I blame my mother for that silly nursery rhyme, "Red, red, go to bed, pink, pink you stink?"  Hardly.  As I sit here blogging in my pink Pink pajamas, I can hardly stand the irony of it all.  Just an hour ago I was going through some very cute pink baby clothes in pink storage bins (Thanks, Ms. SoCal...very adorable stuff).

As I reflect, I have come up with some answers to my pink dilemma.  I have always liked black and dark green.  When my husband and I went on our first few dates, I wore something black each time.  I have fallen into this horrible trap of not wanting to stand out.  I have also convinced myself that pink is just not a good color on me.  However, with so many shades of pink, this is really a lame excuse.  To see the extent of my anti-pink campaign, I checked my closet/drawers.  Not counting loungy stuff, I own five pink items!  I am embarrassed to write it!  I should have realized this when my sister-in-law had us all wear pink to her bachelorette, and I had very limited choices.  Here is what I have:

1. light pink v-neck sweater
2. bikini- (given to me by a friend)
3. fuchsia off the shoulder shirt
4. magenta/teal BCBG floral heels...love love love
5. magenta maxi dress

Granted, there may be some splashes of pink in pattern shirts/dresses, but this is truly the extent of my pink collection.  If anything, this is not really a problem but a fashion opportunity.  I think it is once again time to blame it on the blog and hit up some stores...

Blushing Over Here on the West Coast,


  1. Pink pink pink pink! YAY! Love it! That pink Kelly bag is drop dead gorgeous!

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Lobe, Jen

  2. Pink looks good on everyone very flattering color near the face.Fyi just found that out a few years ago. I to thought the same thing ,not true pink is your friend.Kim

  3. I like pink bag!



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