Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Love Me

Since we are in the month of love, we reached out to some of our loyal readers and followers and asked them: "What body part or feature they love the most and why?"  As women, we tend to spend too much time focusing on the parts we do not like.  So randomly throughout this month we will post our parts that we love xo. 

If you are interested in participating please just send us an email with a picture of  your favorite body part and a sentence or two on why this is your favorite part. 

"Usually I always choose my legs as my favorite, but at this moment in my life, I would have to go with my stomach.  It has the amazing ability to grow all the while keeping my little babe safe."

"I would have to say my feet are my fav body part these days! They are small (can't say that 
about much else!) at just a size 6.5. They are so much fun to accessorize with the more than 100 or so pairs of shoes I own. This is one my most recent purchases!!  LOVE THEM!" 

"I have grown to love my dimples over the years"

 "I love my eyebrows! I love my eyebrows especially after a visit to Joan's torture chamber. Then I give them a little fill-in with my Smashbox Brow Tech and then they look perfect!"

"I like my eyes because they are the window to whatever I'm feeling at any given moment. One look in my eyes can confirm if I'm sad, excited, sentimental, surprised, disappointed, feeling lovey or even frustrated. My mom has always told me that my eyes give me away, that it's impossible for me to fake any type of emotion and I've come to accept that she's right. I used to hate this quality but as I've gotten older I've learned to embrace it!"

With Love From our LBD Fans XO


  1. very nie post baby u are so sweet=)ı want to be pregnant too=)

  2. Super cute post!


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