Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday!

We all know what her style is like now but let's take a look back to where is all started....

Ok, Ok so she looks cute here

So we all know Pearls stand the test of time, so glad that bowl hair cut didn't 

She was ahead of the socks and dress shoes trend 

This whole look is back in style right down to pattern tights

The big glasses are back in style...I believe this was her "I'm in love with Joey from The New Kids on the Block Phase"

I picked this one cause I always loved that dress.

 Join me in wishing the creator of both Lotus Blossom Design Jewelry and Blog a Happy Birthday!  We're so proud of your entrepreneurial drive and creativeness.  Thank you for including Michelle and I in your journey.  It has been nothing short of exciting!  We Love You and wish we were with you to celebrate.

With Love From SoCal,


  1. awww xox how did you hide this post from me??!!! lol thank you i love you and could not do it without you guys xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday Gina I love you mom. You are my valentine baby girl always xoxoxo


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