Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest Blogger....Snot Rags & Grocery Bags

Meet guest blogger and creator of  Snot Rags & Grocery Bags Kara.  Whether she is giving us a sneak peak into her life as a busy mom and wife or sharing her crafty ideas with us, we just adore her and her blog.  
We just loved her post about Getting Organized, especially because we probably all have it as one of our New Year's Resolutions...so we wanted to share.  Stop by and follow her we guarantee you will adore her as much as we do!

Getting Organized

I have two calendars in the house, both of which I fill in with whatever activities or appointments we have. Neither of them are in a place where they are referenced often, plus they are for the whole month and can only fit so much information. I found an idea on Pinterest to make a dry erase weekly calendar using picture frames and scrapbook paper. Great idea super easy. Here is my version...

I found the picture frames at Walmart for $10 each. What a deal! I picked out paper to go with the colors of our house and found some cute letter stickers for the days of the week. Even though Sunday is the real first day of the week, I feel my weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday, so that's how I did my calendar. At the tops of the board I wrote "This Week" and "Next Week." At the end of the week I'll erase the "This Week" board, and write "This Week" on the board that currently says "Next Week." Okay, that sounds confusing as I type this, but it makes sense, right? They now hang on the wall right by the door to garage since that is where we mainly come in and out of the house. Next I need to buy some skinny dry erase markers. All I have are the big ones from teaching, but they will work for now! I'm starting to feel a little more organized. :)



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