Sunday, February 12, 2012

Breathe More...

Meet our Auntie Suzie, youngest of the 4 sisters and the one we got in the most trouble with.  I'll leave the details between the cousins so the other Aunts don't find out...hahaha!

Where do you take your yoga classes?

Why do you take yoga?
I feel so strong after a yoga practice you don't realize how many muscles you are working.  It is great for your inside organs especially some of the restorative poses.  You really feel so relaxed and stress free after a good yoga practice.  Then the kids come home from school and you take that practice with you as long you can.  It also promotes a great night sleep.  I encourage you all to try it.  Give it some time and you will reap the benefits.

Is yoga your only form of exercise?
No, I also run, take boot-camp classes and spin, but I find yoga helps me stay flexible.   It is also good for the body, mind and soul.

She also recommends that you check out Where The Lotus Blooms by Sharon K. Cormier.  Finding Inner Peace through Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation.

Here are just two of my favorite poses.

Proud Pigeon

Downward Dog

Have you ever taken Yoga classes?  How long did it take you to see or feel a difference in yourself?

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  1. i love yoga!! i am going to have to purchase that book! Beth


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