Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Browsing...Yellow Skirt

I had a second to check my e-mails and good thing I only have moments at a time b/c there are so many sales/deals notifications that get sent daily.  Look at what I've got my eye on.  But I'll search for the best deal before making the purchase.  Why is it that the best deal usually doesn't have your size in stock?  Ahhhhh...

No, not avail in my size!

ASOS Pleat Skirt in Neoprene

Not in this one either! Such great prices.

Cute En Route Skirt in Goldenrod

This one's cute, but I want a softer, lighter yellow.

This one is the perfect style and color...but the price is NOT right!

I'll keep you updated in my search.  If you know where I could find that perfect Yellow Skirt at the right price, please let me know!!!
What's your latest search?

To Be Continued...

With Love From SoCal,


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