Friday, January 6, 2012

Q. and A. With the Photog

We all know what it is like when we are all gussied up looking our best, and then seeing a photo of ourselves. That’s not what I look like, or why did I make that funny face quickly come to mind. To keep your snapshots looking as good as your outfits, we asked photographer, Brian Phillips, a few of your (and our) questions to help us achieve that photo finished look.

Q. I always seem to blink in pictures! Are there any tricks to avoid this?

A. I am always telling people, "Don't be afraid of the flash." It is best to not think about the flash, but rather focus on your pose or even taking in the moment. Thinking about how that moment makes you feel or how you feel about those around you in the photo can help keep you focused on putting your best smile forward.

Q. Do you know any tricks to make my legs look longer in photos? For some reason my torso always looks longer than my legs. Am I standing in the wrong place, or is there a certain angle that works best?

A. This could be a combination of what you have on or how the photographer has angled the camera. Heels and tighter fitting pants will help elongate your legs. In this situation, it is best to have the photographer shoot up at the subject, rather than directly at the subject.

Q. What is the best way to avoid “pancake arm.”

A. This is easy to avoid. Just do not have your arm touch your body. You can rest one arm at your side but away from your frame, and the other arm could be placed on your hip (see how Kate, Sarah, and Sophia work it!). This creates space between your arm and your body. One other tip is to be aware of how your fingers are placed. Try to relax your fingers and keep them all together, rather than having them all spread apart. Also, a slight bend in the knee on the same side

Q. I hate the double chin effect! Any advice?

A. Always remember to stand tall and proud! Keep your neck out and slightly protrude your chin. My best subjects are the ones that practice poses in the mirror! Try looking at your face at different angles to see what works best for you.

Q. Any other words of wisdom?

A. Let's see...When posing with a friend cheek to cheek, do not actually have your faces touching. I always see photos where friends are so close, their faces seem to smoosh together. Overall, my favorite empowering pose is one with a slightly wider stance. Almost like that supermodel pause at the end of the runway. Practice and see what works best for you. Often, having one leg turned in ever so slightly helps. You may choose both hands on your hips (remember...fingers together) or one hand by your side and one hand on your hip. Lastly, if you are sitting down for a photo, cross legs and place one hand on the knee closest to the photographer. Anything in the foreground may end up on the focus. Also, having a hand on your knee can show also show off accessories.

Thanks, Brian, for your help and words of wisdom! You can follow Brian on twitter @ArtWurqz.

With Love From the West Coast,


  1. I love this! God knows I need the pointers. So my son's height is the perfect spot to take them from. Haaaaa


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