Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Prego in Neon

As we turn our focus to the back-by-popular-demand neon trend this week, I was certain I would have nothing to contribute.  I thought I would have a tough time finding any pregnant celebs rocking the neon trend.  Turns out, I was wrong.  Usually I don't like being wrong, but this time, I quite enjoyed it.  After inspecting my own wardrobe, I realized I did not have much neon. However, the neon shirts I do own have just the right touch of neon and can be downplayed by subtle jewelery of my favorite go-to prego item, unzipped jeans with a belly band or my maternity jeans (which my mother had to convince me to get...more on that later).  Maybe wearing neon while pregnant is not so bad after all.  With the proper cut and accessories, this trend can look great on anyone.  Here is what my research turned up...
These are just a few examples of what I found.  My fav. has got to be Natalie rocking this sweet Givenchy dress with a lovely pop of yellow!  

With Love From the West Coast,

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  1. All of these ladies look fabulous but I agree that Natalie looks the very best!
    I have been loving these pops of neon lately!


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