Friday, January 13, 2012

Look Of The Day...Mad for Yellow

Once again, Ms. SoCal made me do it! She insisted I buy this top, and I must say, I do love it! It can also be worn off the shoulders. I love how yellow and gray play off each other.

Hazel top ($20, TJMaxx), gray Limited skirt ($2, thrift store), yellow "diamond" cocktail ring, ($25, Macy's), crystal drop earrings, (gift from Mom, White House/Black Market), Harajuku Lovers Mad for Plaid ($60, Macy's), Boutique Nine heels ($40, Marshalls).

Perhaps a good outfit in theory, but skirt is unzipped to make room for growing belly! I underestimated the effect of prego belly on my wardrobe.

With Love From the West Coast,

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  1. Wow that top looks so pretty on you!Growing belly looks beautiful on you ,your face is glowing you look beautiful! Kim


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