Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Look Of The Day...Girlie Blogger

Meet our friend and owner of The Girlie Blog.  She is truly beautiful on the inside and out!  She is an IT expert, dedicated stay-at-home mom, and a lover of all things girlie and pretty.  She lives in Seattle, WA, where rockers, hikers and geeks run the town. The style there is mostly chill and relaxed. The girlie blogger embraces street chic fashion that is easy-going and wearable. You’ll often find her in tees, skinnies and boots, and anything that keeps up with her active lifestyle.  Make sure you stop by and follow her blog you won't be disappointed.

In her daily ensemble

Always nice to send a message with your tee.

Boots over skinnies are great for walking in the rain

With Love From The East Coast,


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