Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fashion History 101

Every Friday we are going to have a little fashion history lesson.  If we want to be lovers of all things fashion we need to know where it started.   In the Spirit of Mens week we are going to brush up on Hardy Amies.

Designer Hardy Amies was born in London, England in 1909 and passed in 2003. At the age of eighteen he left England to work in France and Germany.  

He returned to London in 1930 as the representative of a British weighing machine company.   Four years later he was introduced to the fashion house of LACHASSE, where he became managing director and designer.   

The house specialized in tweed suits for women and in 1937 Amies created a suit called 'Panic' which attracted a great deal of attention because of its fine tailoring and fit.

 In 1945 Amies opened his own house selling couture and ready-to-wear clothes, particularly classically tailored suites and dresses, often made of tweed and woollen fabrics. 

 In 1962 he became the first women's couturier to design for men and established an international reputation as both a womenswear and a menswear designer.

Cicely Gilkey, one of the program associate producers of Mad Men, says the suits were "definitely motivated" by the sort of designs Sir Hardy was creating in the 1960s.

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