Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Fashion History 101

Every Friday we are going to have a little fashion history lesson.  If we want to be lovers of all things fashion we need to know where it started.  So lets start with the A's...

Alaia, Azzedine 1940-. Designer. 

Born in Tunisia. Alaia studies at the Ecole des Beauz-Arts in Tunis before moving to Paris, where he worked for DIOR, LAROCHE and MUGLER. 

During the 1970s demand from private clients for Alaia's designs increased and in 1981 he launched his first collection. 

 An early collection (1986-87), made mostly of leather, included garments punched with metal-ringed eyelets.

His early designs concentrated on idealizing the female for with body-hugging, curvaceous shapes made of soft glove leather, jersey and silk.

The success of this modern-day hourglass silhouettes was due to his purity of line and his understanding advancement of fabric technology.

Oh and lets not forget shoes!! Lace and Heels how beautiful!!

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