Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY Tie Necklace: Part 1

While researching for Men's Week I came across this DIY Tie Necklace on  Green Eggs and Ham blog.  I thought it was so different that it was worth a try.  The instructions were pretty easy all you needed was a tie (if you are taking his make sure you ask first... lesson learned LOL).  

They called for a suit button (but I used a pin), scissors, pins, needle and thread.  Then I just followed the instructions:

STEP ONE: Lay out your tie, and start folding and pining in a manner that is pleasing to you.

STEP TWO: Lay it around your neck and add or remove folders to get the length you want.   Keep in mind you have two choices; a) you can keep it longer so you can slip in on and off your head when you sew your button on and close it, or b)you can make it a little shorter, to do so I used my snap-ons instead of sewing it closed with the button.

STEP THREE: Take your needle and and thread and sew down the folds from the backside of the necklace.

STEP FOUR: Place your button or accent piece and stitch is closed, or if you want it longer add your snaps on where you would sew it shut.

Check back tomorrow where I feature this necklace in a Look Of The Day!

With Love From the East Coast,


  1. it's so pretty!

  2. Thanks for posting this tutorial! I saw this idea on Pinterest but couldn't find the instructions to make it. Perfect! I can't wait to make my own :)

  3. no problem...send us a picture we would love to feature it as a LOTD xo

  4. Love that so much are you selling those too? Nancy lynn

  5. Hi i am not selling them :( xo


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