Monday, December 19, 2011

If it Zips, it Fits!

There is nothing like being home for the holidays. The family, the friends, and the brutal honesty of your older brother. As I begin my 16th week of pregnancy, he said I didn't look pregnant (Thanks, Rob!). When I showed him my belly, he said he still didn't think so, but when I lifted up my long sweater in the back and showed him what was happening to my rear, he laughed, "You have a shelf-ass!" I am too excited about being pregnant to get offended, and I have to kind of agree with him. It is crazy how your body changes during this demanding time.

My skinny jeans are no longer in rotation, and some of my other jeans that were a little loose are now nice and snug. Halfway through the day, I have to unbutton them or MacGyver a folded over elastic band around the button for some extra inches. The work pants I had bought after traveling in Europe that used to be too big to wear are now perfect! Sometimes it is easier to wear skirts and tights, which I rocked one day to work. When my co-worker joked, "Do your jeans not fit anymore?" I retorted with something too nasty to type! However, I have made some new additions and adaptations to my wardrobe.

Too add some interest to the skirts that still fit, I bought some very adorable textured tights from TJMaxx. To keep comfortable, I went up a size and wear them low around my hips. For some reason, I normally hike up those suckers way too high! I also bought the cutest pair of Joe's Jeans from TJs too. Although they are not jeans, they are tencil/polyester drop pocket pants. They stop at the ankle and look very adorable with heels. I have never bought a pair of pants so fast! The usual hemming and hawing were non-existent. Those suckers zipped and were so comfortable. I also went up a size in these to maximize wear time. Finally, I went to Target to buy some long tanks. While I was there I also found the most comfortable white T-shirt by their Mossimo line. It is cotton/spandex and shows off the little Buddha belly I am starting to develop.

Stay tuned for my LOTD with the new Joe's.

With Love From the West Coast,


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  1. You prob look adorable, enjoy have fun with your fashion. The most exciting part is not your clothes or how wide my nose spread from my face ( yes it does happen) The most exciting time was when I felt my baby move inside me!


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