Saturday, December 31, 2011

I have a question...

Every where you turned this week,  New Years resolutions where shoved in your face.  They were either telling you how to come up with resolutions, how to stick to a resolution, or how to be a "better you" in 2012.  While we love the fact of improving ones' self, we also know from personal experience
(and friends stories) that resolutions are hard to keep.  So I ask the question: Why do we keep picking resolutions that we know we most likely won't obtain? Some may say it is because we love a challenge and if we pick an easy resolution...what's the point?

While I try to come up with my own list of ways to "better me" I tried to think of where I put that list of "improvements" from last year.  Out of my list of 10 things I only accomplished 5 of them (well 5 1/2, I started one and didn't fully finish but haven't given up yet).  So is a little more then 50% ok?  I tried to analyze why I did not complete them all, and  while I can come up with a 100 excuses (some of them even being valid), if I am honest with you and myself a majority of it was...laziness.   While I despise that word, I also use it as my motivation.   So this year while I have tons that I will be adding to my list, I am making "Not being Lazy" the top resolution.

Share with us how you keep your resolutions, we would love the motivation and suggestions.  Since I don't have to start until tomorrow I am signing off for 2011, going to get a Starbucks and do a little more shopping with my x-mas gift cards LOL

With Love From the East Coast,

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