Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where Oh Where Have My Thick Brows Gone??

Why oh Why couldn't thicker eyebrows be in style when I was younger...or better yet where was my confidence to have a "stand out style" back then LOL. Thanks to my Italian background I was blessed with with nice thick dark eyebrows, where have they gone you ask? After wearing my mother down when I was younger I had them waxed, tweezed and plucked away! So what is a girl to do now? Well like everything else in life, you learn to work with what you have. I always feel like mine look "all over the place," they needed some sort of shape to them. While I long for Lucy's eyebrows...

I took my problem to Stylist Teresa Vozzy. Here is what I learned sitting in her absolutely adorable chair:

1)Stay with your natural shape of your brow. Don't go crazy trying to create a brow that just isn't there. If you are cleaning them up here is where they should start, end and arch.

3) Brush the hair up. You will be able to see where you need to trim/tame those longer strands.

4) Use a good pair of scissors to trim. This will give you an automatic shape and make a huge difference.

5) There are many methods to remove the hair, wax, tweeze or thread. Choose one that you are comfortable with to clean up the unwanted hair.

6)Now for filling in, she suggests using a powder filler verses an oil based filler. Unsure what color to get? Try a combo pack at first and look for a color that matches your natural brow color or one that is a tad darker.

7)For finishing touches try using eyebrow gel to help keep shape. You can use clear or colored gel.

Here are a few options for the powder filler and gel.

Now as for me here is a peek. They are tamed and looking a little fuller! Thanks Teresa

Before After

With Love From The East Coast,

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