Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WINNER!! Tis' The Season For Giveaways: Week 2!

Drum Roll Please....The winner isssssssss Karen Lynch.

Those that didn't win don't worry we have Week 3 starting today!!!!

Here is yet another chance to score some goodies from LBD! The 2nd freebie we will be showcasing is Lotus Blossom Design Jewelry! Not 1, but 2 pieces!

These pieces CAN be yours if you...

1) Like "Lotus Blossom Design" on Facebook (If you do not have FaceBook, just let us know when you leave the comment)
2) Become a Follower of Lotus Blossom Design's Blog.
4) Tell us in the blog comment section below why you think you should win this week's Giveaways

With Love from the East to West Coast,


  1. These are gorgeous!
    'Tis the season for GIVING, and I would love to gift these pieces to
    my dear friend and neighbor, Stacey. Stacey has been such a blessing
    to have as a neighbor and has done everything in her power to make me
    feel "welcome" in my new home -- including dinners, pies, small gifts
    and overall friendship. I know that Stacey would do almost anything
    to put a smile on my face, and I'd like to return the favor and put
    one back on hers this Christmas. Kara Bobowick

  2. ALL my friends would be green with envy as I wear these to all the holiday parties!!!!! Love them. Karen Lynch

  3. need em, want em, gotta have em!
    btw, I always wondered how LOTUS BLOSSOM DESIGN would look on me! :]

  4. Ohhh Yes, ohhh Yes! I would love these!

  5. ooh laa laa I need to add these to my LBD collection! i love your jewelry and your prices- Stacey from TX


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