Monday, November 28, 2011

Emails, Pamphlets, Shoppers, and Flyers, Oh My!

When I went to the mailbox after work, it was overflowing with ads, magazines, coupons, etc. Not one single bill though! Black Friday and Cyber Monday seem like a bunch of hype to me. My brave co-worker went out at midnight to hit up Target. She reported crazy lines, open Starbucks, and Luna Bar rations being handed out! I am convinced everything goes on bigger sale after Christmas. So far I have avoided the mall, and I am glad, because I always fall into the same trap each year!

To start, since I usually am not a regular shopper/spender, when I do shop, I have a hard time not buying for myself (Merry Christmas to me kind of attitude). Two for you, one for me! I do this with jewelry and body lotions since they usually discount the third. I also shop for myself for friends. To clarify, I buy what I would want to buy and then gift it! Granted, I have pretty good taste, but this borders an Ebenezer mentality. This year, I am really looking for those out of the box creative gifts. My three go-to sites:, Uncommon Goods, and LBD. Hopefully I will choose wiser this year.

With Love From the West Coast,

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