Saturday, October 22, 2011

VOTE! All TJ Maxx Contest: Entries Are In!!!

It's Voting Time Folks!!!!

  1. Like us on Facebook AND Become a follower of our blog if you're NOT already: LBD
  2. Cast your vote on who you think best completed the challenge. (Vote by leaving a clear "This is my vote" under the comment section under the LOTD you're voting for)
  3. We will throw each participant's name in a hat and pick a WINNER!!!
  4. One lucky WINNER will receive a $40 TJ MAXX gift certificate to complete the same challenge!
  5. You, the winner will be featured in our blog along with your own TJ MAXX steals that helped make your ensemble complete.
Here is a look at the 3 entries from the TJ Maxx $40 contest from the last three Tuesdays.

Michelle's Finds

Bianca's Finds

Gina's Finds

Good Luck!!!

With Love From Gina, Bianca and Michelle,



  1. Ivote for you love the look style and fit!Show your curves off not many peiple do they HIDE THEM

  2. I'm voting for Gina! (Sorry, B and Michelle... your looks were fab as well though!)

  3. HaHa, Coll is it b/c of the boob envy isn't it?

  4. WOW! You gals made it tough. Michelle yours was super HOT, and B I LOVED yours and I mean you did shop with the babies so you totally earned some extra points there but I am a sucker for a fab dress! Gina you get my vote. THIS WAS AN AWESOME IDEA! Love you girls and all your savvy fashion.

  5. yaya said, love all three of your outfits however, i am a jean girl so my fav is Bianca's love the look, glasses, hair jeans the whole thing. Keep it up Bianca you look GREAT!

  6. I love all three of my nieces looks. The three of you look gorgeous, but the look i love the most is the dress with belt. My vote goes to big blue eyes. p.s. your legs look awesome!! Auntie xxoo

  7. my very very favorite is miss gina. Ilove the style of dress that you have on and the heels are darling.Would you wear that to work with a blazer then off with the jacket for after work drinks? My vote is for gina

  8. I vote for Gina..LOve the dress with the belt...Rosa Blake

  9. This was a hard one for sure! You all look great and did a fab job on picking great looks for almost nothing! Kaytlin and I went over the looks and decided on Gina! Love you B!!!!! And you to Michele. :)

  10. My vote is for Gina!! Her outfit was stylish and flattering. By: Jenn Miller

  11. my vote is for gina, love the whole look!


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