Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TJ Maxx Contest: Week Two

Michelle did such an awesome job on Week One of our TJ Maxx contest that I was really nervous . She found an entire get-up for under $40! I have to admit that I almost let my competitive nature get to me. There were a dark pair of flare jeans on clearance that I contemplated buying even though the waist was way too big. I had to slap myself and remember that I had to wear this outfit, even after the contest. So after I refocused I had many options to choose from. I wanted more than one! Ok, only $40 Bianca!
Wanted this but it would've put me over the $40 outfit!
You think I'd win the contest if I bought the cape only?
Oh Yea! Found some cute jeans for under $20! (Yes, both kids are in the cart. I think I should get extra points for shopping with them)

I was so happy with my decision. The long, dark 70's style jeans were just what I was looking for. The dolman sleeve inside out seam cobalt blue thin knit was adorable. Ok, so you've seen my gold Aldo aviators, Lotus Blossom Design Pizzelle earrings, Michael Kors White watch and DVF White Stephanie handbag.

Cobalt Blue off the shoulder knit (TJ Maxx, $12.99)
Dark jean 70s jeans with slit pockets (TJ Maxx, $19.99)
Michael Kors nude peep toe sling sandals (Marshall's, 2 seasons ago)

I love this picture, my wind machine got a little crazy. JK, no wind machine here guys!
Now, here's what you have to do:
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  2. Cast your vote on who you think best completed the challenge on or after Tuesday, October 25th. (Vote by leaving a clear "This is my vote" under the comment section under the LOTD you're voting for)
  3. We will throw each participant's name in a hat and pick a WINNER!!!
  4. One lucky WINNER will receive a $40 TJ MAXX gift certificate to complete the same challenge!
  5. You, the winner will be featured in our blog along with your own TJ MAXX steals that helped make your ensemble complete.

P.S. Bring it Gina!!!!

With Love From SoCal,



  1. You definitely gave Michelle a run for her money. The cape might of made you the winner hands down, just sayin'. Definitely get extra points for having the babes as well. Love this look, prices but even more how HOT you look!

  2. Look who's talking, ur both hot mamas! We featured Kara's hotness, now it's your turn Nat!

    P.S. I might have gone back in for the cape, just sayin'.


  3. Hello,

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  4. You get my vote B! Love ya!

    Lisa :)


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