Monday, October 24, 2011

Queen of Hearts

With Halloween one short week away, my work has been abuzz with costume ideas and emails. Since I work at a small school, I am sort of obligated to dress up. I don't want to be a party pooper and disappoint all our students. The theme is Alice in Wonderland, and I was assigned to be the Queen of Hearts. Now, I would like to think the only reason I was assigned this role is because of my dark locks. My co-worker stepped up, took charge, and ran with it, so let's hope it only has to do with my hair! I have a few ideas, but I am realizing I will have to be fairly creative. My recent Google search turned up WAY too many inappropriate looks. I could write a whole other post on how Halloween is license for some to see how far they can push the sexy envelope, but I would also be guilty as charged based on my last three costumes.

The other problem I run into is I will be in this outfit all day. If I need to go pump gas or grab lunch, I will be in character! During our "Football Fridays" we all wear our fav team jerseys. Mine is a woman's cut, and I love dressing it up with fun earrings and heels, however I hate hearing "Go Patriots" or getting into a discussion about defensive tactics when I am merely trying to run an errand. Imagine if I am dressed as the Queen of Hearts? I have a few ideas brewing, and hopefully it will do the Queen justice without going overboard. There is no way I am wearing any crazy makeup! We will have to see how it comes out next week...

With Love From the West Coast,


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  1. please make sure you post a picture we would love to see what you come up with good luck!


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