Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pleather, Leather or Waxed

I'm referring to pants of course. The very thought of tight Pleather pants makes my legs itch. Leather, now that's better but a definite investment. Now, Waxed on the other hand gives the appearance of Leather without their price tag and of course, sans itch. Sounds comfy, like some sweats. Well, some really tight sweats. Then there's black leggings or jeans with the black leather panel. The look and price tag of H&M's faux leather pants does make me want to at least try some pleather action. I would wear them with a cute dolman sleeved shirt or a flowy blouse. For this reason I want more of a pant then a legging. And of course pair them with some high heels!
Which one will you choose?
But first, can you tell the difference? Identify the material used in each of the 8 pants below.
Leather, Pleather or WaxedOk, hope I left enough space so you wouldn't sneak a peek at the answers. Here they are from left to right:

1 D&G zip pants, $932
LEATHER!!! Love these!

2 Trouve knit pants, $38

3 J Brand denim skinny jeans, $180 WAXED JEANS

7 High rise legging, $66 PLEATHER

8 H&M wax jeans, £20

4 H&M zip pants, £25

5 Legging, $20 PLEATHER

6 Victoria Beckham denim skinny jeans, $310 WAXED JEANS

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