Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Survey Says...Not Worth It!

I have always wanted to create a professional smokey eye look, but I never had all the right products. I was so excited when I saw Ultraflesh's "Ultimate Jet Black Eyeliner Collection" by Sephora. The nifty magnetic sliding case expertly packages:Wet/Dry Black Liner- Wet/Dry Black Shimmer Liner- Black Smudge Liner- Black Kohl Pencil- Black Shimmer Pencil- Mini Pro Angle Liner Brush.
Smokey Eyeballs

What I liked about Black Magic:
  • Great concept
  • Awesome packaging
  • Lots of choices for eyeliner/shadow to create different looks
What I didn't like about Black Magic:
  • The "smudge proof" liners are not all that "smudge proof"
  • The liners are too sheer
  • Lots of fallout from the dry shadows
  • Slanted eyeliner brush too small to use properly

Maybe a makeup artist would fall in love with these products, but they do not really work for me. I admit, part of it may be my own lack of makeup application skill, but I think when you are going for a dramatic factor, the makeup needs staying all day kind of power. I am still on the hunt for a smudge proof black liner, so I would love some suggestions!

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